Proportion test

Our general testing dome is a 2V dome which uses 2 lengths of stick. We thought we’d test introducing a third length so that the lower ring of sticks coming up from the base could add a bit more height in the same (in this case) 4m diameter footprint. What’s quite nice is that the existing long sticks move to replace the short sticks in the original configuration and new proportionately longer sticks are brought in to take the place of the original longer sticks, if that makes sense. In effect the original long sticks play two roles and we’ve just brought in one extra length to get a little bit of extra headroom at this size. For comparison, the tweaked proportion version is below with some netting over it and the normal 2v version is shown below that.

Altered proportion introducing an additional longer length of stick.

Altered proportion introducing an additional longer length of stick.

The normal proportions for reference.

The normal proportions, for reference.

Testing designs

We’re getting very close to a final design which we’ll then take to injection moulding, so we spent a day testing a range of small variations and noting how each performed at various stages of the build. A bit of a colour-coding using sharpies on the underside of each hub helped us know which hubs were which designs quickly. It worked quite well and we’ve homed in on a couple of versions to tweak a little bit further. Roll on our next 3D print so we can test them.

A slightly heath-robinson note taking system but it looked quite nice and did the job.

A slightly heath-robinson note-taking system but it looked quite nice and did the job.

Before we started building the dome, different viewed but matched up to the plan drawing on the left

Before we started building the dome, the arrangement matched the plan drawing on the left in the picture above.

The dome once it was built, we also tested some some base feet, the angle of the sides following the angles of the struts.

The dome once it was built. We also tested some some base feet – the angles of the sides following the angles of the struts.


With GLEE coming up (the UKs biggest retail garden show) we applied to GIMA for their Innovators’ Seed Corn Fund, where they provide some money, support and a stand at the show to the winning entry.

Unfortunately we did not get it, but we’ll be going to GLEE as visitors and hopefully we can raise some interest in our product whilst we are there.

If anyone is visiting GLEE and would like to talk to us whilst we are there, please email us at and we’ll happily meet up for a coffee and chat.


In development: Hublets

Along side the full size hubs we’ve been working on a mini version; these are still quite experimental, but the intention is to make a full product of them after the hubs have launched. Using drinking straws as the struts they’re great for quickly testing out ideas and will hopefully make a great present for […]

Setting Up Shop

Things are coming on…

Mike (Designer) has been busy creating some packaging which looks great and makes such a difference when you try to explain what we are doing to people.  Having a tangible product to show people makes it all seem much more real.

Here’s a render of the kit, I will upload some photos of the real thing soon.


Hub Kit Render

We’ve chosen the url for launching the hub kit and are working on the first basic iteration of the site, phone number is set up, emails, and incorporating the company next week.

Prices are all worked out, and the injection moulding process should start in early March.

so all in all, it’s getting quite exciting…





We’re a little overdue an update so here goes.

We have been stalled somewhat searching for funding, day jobs and finalising the cost and quality of parts.

The plan is to make the hub kits first and the full domes will come later in the year – Of course practical types with some wood and a saw can make a full dome just as we have using a kit – That’s after all what they are for.

Trying to get the costs of the hub kits down has been our priority; though we’re getting somewhere and the final price has not yet been decided, we’re now pretty sure that we’re not going to be able to make them for our hoped for price.

Our current focus is producing a presentation ready to meet investors and potential stockist more seriously in the new year, we’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a happy Christmas and we’ll hope for some more positive progress in the New Year.


Hub Print

Hub Print

Full set of hubs + 50 balls ready to go to a high quality SLS Nylon print using Digits 2 Widgets’ excellent container model for printing many parts at a reasonable rate: